Who We Are

We are passionate artisans of true Italian flavors. It is our mission to share with the world our most treasured gastronomical wonder:

the Neapolitan pizza.

We aim to put the authentic pizza back on the pedestal, where it belongs.

Our way is by seeking excellence.  

The Concept

For us, pizza is art.

We remain faithful to the original, traditional formula, which we respect deeply.

The aroma of the freshly baked pies, the lightness and digestibility of the naturally leavened dough, refined fillings and the sounds of the crackling crust.

This is our masterpiece at Gustaci.

The Restaurant

Gustaci Pizzalounge is located inside PMQ, a governmental revitalization project, that has become a cultural landmark in Hong Kong.

The interior décor of Gustaci is synonymous with the timeless beauty and style that have long been hallmarks of Italian design. 

An elegant mix of colors, textures, and elements help create a casual environment that is both effortlessly fresh and chic.

The meticulous attention to detail is carried throughout the restaurant, with each space blending seamlessly into one another. The main dining area is divided into two distinct zones that are private yet interconnected, for the benefit of larger parties. The terrace, featuring stylish terrazo tables and comfortable bespoke seating options, becomes an open invitation to enjoy our unique Al Fresco dining experience.

The Staff

As much as we emphasize how important traditions are to us and how we prefer that the food does the talking, service also is a main focus of ours.

  We are a team of highly trained -and skilled- professionals, passionate and proud of what we achieve every day at Gustaci.

Here, you’ll be well taken care of: On the floor, the cordial receptionists, the attentive wait staff, and the ingenious bartenders will impress you during every visit. In the kitchen, the chef and his brigade of experienced cooks will play their part in this well-tuned symphony. While Angelo, our pizzaiuolo will make sure that your pizza is indeed the most authentic one you ever indulged in since you stepped into this city. 

Come live la dolce vita at Gustaci!

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